Three years of Pet Sitting Adventures

The 10th of May…

An extraordinary date in our calendar. Firstly it will 24 years of marriage, and secondly (the most important) we will be celebrating the 3rd year of Paradise Pets and Homes. We have gone through many difficult times theses past 3 years, who would of thought that looking after animals would be this difficult?! But these 3 years have been ones of happiness and pride, because we have watched our little business bloom into something great, over such short period of time. We have met some amazing customers, who had turned out to be more than amazing customers, but amazing friends, who have even more amazing pets! Over these past 3 years we have looked after such a range of different animals, that we might as well be a zoo! We have boarded from dogs to degus, from rabbits to canaries; we have had some exotic animals as well, such as parrots and lizards. We have no regrets, although there may be moments were we are all stressed, it has turned out to be extremely rewarding and we are looking forward to meeting new people and their wild and wonderful pets. Overall I think that we are all thankful to have this business, and life wouldn’t be the same without it.

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