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Dog Walking Service

A dog wags its tail with its heart” – Martin Buxbaum

 Dog Walking Service

At Paradise Pets and Homes (Surbiton – Surrey) we understand how important it is for dogs to get regular exercise. Exercise is a dog’s natural outlet for energy and helps in creating a strong body and healthy muscle tone. A lack of sufficient exercise often results in boredom which can lead to behavioral problems. Since gardens and houses do not tend to change much, a dog being left in a garden or in a house on a regular basis might not get enough stimulation. And without stimulation, they are very unlikely to exercise by themselves and may end up sleeping all day.

If you find it difficult to fit the daily walks into your busy schedule and feel that your dog does not get the amount of exercise it needs, we will be glad to help. Young dogs, elder dogs, big dogs, small dogs … will all have different needs, and because you know your dog best, we will be happy to discuss their needs with you, and adapt our services to their individual needs. We will walk your dog to their local park or to a park near us (Surbiton Hill Park, Richmond Park, Bushy Park or any other parks near and around Surbiton, Surrey).

Dog Boarding and Creche

At Paradise Pets and Homes (Surbiton – Surrey), we guarantee to care for your dog as well as you do, so you can enjoy your holiday with complete piece of mind. Our goal is to provide your pet with the personalized attention they deserve in a relaxing, fun, environmentally-friendly, and safe atmosphere.

Rather than putting dogs into fenced runs or cages for the duration of their stay, your dog will be staying at our family home, where they will get all the attention they deserve. During an initial consultation with the owners, we will agree on a care plan and understand the dog’s need prior to boarding.  We recommend that owners bring their dog’s food in for the duration of their stay, to avoid upset stomach that sometimes occurs with a change in diet. Special diets and oral medication needs are also accommodated.

Dog boarding is the simple and affordable alternative to kennel, that garantees your dog well-being and care.

If your dog doesn’t like to be left alone for a good part of the day whilst you are at work, and doesn’t get the exercise that it needs during the day, why not get them to spend the day at Paradise Pets and Homes (Surbiton – Surrey). We will ensure that your dog gets all the exercise and attention they need during the day, so that you just have to enjoy the pleasure of their company in the evening.

Paradise Pets and Homes – your dog’s second home.

Testimonial from Emma, Chessington
“Having been a regular customer of Paradise Pets and Homes for over 9 months, I have nothing but amazing things to say about them.

My dog, Phoebe is a rescue and really struggled to adjust to being left in the house alone. As I had to return to work, I found Paradise pets and homes by chance and phoebe has been going there twice a week ever since!

I was worried about leaving her with new people as she was quite nervous but as soon as we went for our first visit, she made herself at home straight away and I knew that it was exactly the kind of friendly, relaxed place I was looking for.

Phoebe lacked some social skills in the beginning and was a little bit boistrous but socialising with the other dogs has really bought out the best in her.

Jo and Assem have a genuine love of all animals and I think that is the main reason Phoebe loves going there so much. It really is a home from home for her and I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done. So is Phoebe 🙂 “


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