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Why it’s important to feed your pets well

As the saying goes; when you’re happy inside, you’re happy outside. The same is true for our fur babies. The food you feed your pet can effect everything from their health to their behaviour, this is why we advise all our customers that the first step to a happy pet is nutritious food and a balanced diet.

Behavioural and health problems in dogs can more often than not be linked to their diet. If they are not fed enough, their hunger can manifest itself in aggression. If they are fed too much, they can become overweight which can lead to a multitude of other health issues. Like humans, dogs can be fussy eaters which is why we recommend buying different flavours so that you can get a feel for what your dog does and doesn’t like but it also makes their eating experience a lot more enjoyable as it should be for us all! Poor quality and poor ingredients found in some pet food products can also have a negative impact on your dog’s physical and mental health, therefore it is always wise to be cautious when buying new pet foods. For more advice on how much you should be feeding your dog and what products are best for their lifestyle, always consult your vet.

After almost 7 years of taking care of cats and dogs, here at Paradise Pets, we have been able to observe and experience the fundamental importance of feeding our animals well. After having tried and tested almost every pet food product on the market, we have decided to become official suppliers of Lily’s Kitchen. This award-winning company has a wide variety of pet food made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure your pets get a deliciously balanced and nutritious meal. After converting many of our customers to Lily’s Kitchen, the feedback has been incredible. From dogs having shiner coats, to dogs becoming a lot calmer; which is why we have embarked on a mission to ensure that all our precious dogs are fed well, but most importantly, that they are happy!