Christmas is a time of celebration for most people, however it may not so enjoyable for your pets.

Pets as presents – resist the temptation to give a pet as a present.  New pets need to come into a calm and quiet environment where people have time to settle them in carefully.

Chocolate – chocolate contains theobromine  which is poisonous to some animals but especially dogs.  Make sure that chocolate tree decorations and other chocolates are kept out of your pets reach.  Teach your children not to give in to your pet’s demands as even small amounts can be fatal.

Christmas decorations – most pets are attracted to decorations, especially those hanging from Christmas trees.  Be aware that pets may chew wires and baubles and could get tangled up in tinsel. 

Christmas presents – presents are not only tempting for us but also for your pets.  Be careful not to put any edible presents, such as chocolate under the tree.  Ribbons and decorative bows may be chewed and even swallowed.

Pine Needles – pine needles from real trees can become embedded into pet’s feet and even swallowed.  Make sure you clean up any pine needles and check your pet regularly.

Christmas plants – keep Christmas plants out of the reach of animals as some of them are very poisonous.

Food & drink – don’t allow your pets to overeat.  They are best kept on their normal diet.  Don’t be tempted to give your pets alcohol.

Stress – Christmas can be a stressful time for pets.  Try and stick to your pet’s normal routine as much as possible. Ensure your pet has a quiet place to retreat to during the festivities and particularly when you have visitors.

Veterinary Surgery – ensure you have your Vet’s contact details to hand over the Christmas period.

And should you need help look after your pet during the holiday season, do not hesitate to give us a call on 0208 241 7525.

House Sitting image courtesy of Salva Barbera, RGBStock.comHome sitting is an increasingly popular service with house-owners, especially in winter.

  • Winter is a great time for a holiday, whether that’s to escape the wet, cold English weather or to avoid the December shopping rush.
  • Winter is a vulnerable time for homes – small problems like wet parcels left on doorsteps to larger ones like burst pipes and boilers not working.

It doesn’t matter if you’re escaping before Christmas or afterwards, you’ll still want to know your home is secure whilst you’re away.

Here are four  ways Paradise pets and Homes can help you whilst you enjoy your winter holiday:

  1. Visiting your house (daily or just before you arrive back – whatever suits you) to make sure your home is secure. No broken windows or unlocked doors, no leaks or other problems.
  2. Carrying in post and parcels (even arranging to be in for parcel re-delivery – very helpful just before Christmas).
  3. Feeding and caring for your pets – either in your own home or boarding with us.
  4. Visiting just before you return to turn on the boiler or turn up the temperature, ensuring you return to a warm, secure home.

For peace of mind whilst you’re away this winter, arrange your house sitting by calling Jo or Assem on 0208 241 7525

Paradise Pets and Homes in the News!

News image courtesy of Sanja Gjenero, rgbstock.comWe set up Paradise Pets and Homes in May this year and were interviewed recently by The Pets Homes and Gardens Company who helped us set up.

You can read the interview on The Pets Homes and Gardens Company blog – do leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Dog Walk image courtesy of Adrian van Leen, We offer a dog walking service at Paradise Pets and Homes – as well as a complete pet and home sitting service.

October and November are a busy time of year. Halloween parties, bonfire night, Christmas approaching rapidly, half term holidays – and then the clocks go back making the day shorter which means evening dog walks become less pleasurable. The occasional (or regular) helping hand from a dog walker can really ease the load.

A happy dog needs exercise and stimulation. The dogs we walk enjoy interaction with experienced pet owners. We will talk to you to find out what you would like for your pet – whether that’s a long, slow walk or a quick charge through the woods. When your dog’s exercised and happy it makes your home a happier place too.

We’d like to help you with our occasional or regular dog walking service. We cover Surbiton, Tolworth and the surrounding area  and when we return your dog, we’d be happy to take care of your other pets’ needs too.

Find out more about Paradise Pets and Homes Dog Walking service.

Christma Holiday, courtesy of Billy Frank Alexander, RGBStock.comHolidays are a busy time for pet sitting. This summer was an exciting and rewarding time for us here at Paradise Pets and Homes. We’ve expanded the small animal boarding to cope – and already it’s looking like Christmas will be busy too.

We know Christmas is months away and no-one like to think about it too early, but planning your holiday pet and home sitting before your Christmas holidays means you can be certain your pets and your home will be looked after whilst you’re enjoying yourself.

Find out more about Services from Paradise Pets and Homes.

Holidays and TripsWhether your holiday is a series of local day trips from your home or a longer holiday staying away then pet care can interfere with your plans.

  • Can you leave early and stay out late when your pet needs feeding?
  • Can you go away for a weekend when the tomatoes need watering?

Of course friends and neighbours can help (and often do) but really, there’s only so often you can ask before it might become a burden to them.

It’s a dilemma, but not any more – Jo and Assem from paradise pets and homes can help.

The service is all about helping you out so you can do more in your life. We can water plants, feed pets, take in post and even turn on (or off) the heating for when you return. We can do lots more too, whatever you need so you can enjoy your time away knowing your home (with pets and garden) is in safe hands.

If you’re in Surbiton, Tolworth (or near) then why not call us today and find out how we can help. Call us now 0208 241 7525

Home Sitting and House Sitting are available for holiday cover in Surrey: Tolworth, Surbiton and surrounding areas.

Holidays are wonderful aren’t they? You can relax, take a break from day to day worries and when the holiday is over arrive home refreshed. Well, more or less anyway. That might be the plan, but what if you worry about your home when you’re away – has the milkman remembered to stop delivering? Is there any post piling up which can be seen through the glass door? Has a parcel been delivered and left on the doorstep? Will the plant survive (in the house or the garden)?

Paradise Pets and Homes offer a range of Home Sitting services to help you relax and enjoy your holiday.

  • Regular call in – to check everything is secure, remove post from the front door, ensure all gates remain shut, etc
  • Scheduled times – to wait in for expected deliveries, to feed pets (cats, goldfish, hamsters & more), to water plants
  • By arrangement – to provide access for other people (eg. carpet cleaners, meter readers, etc)
  • Sending you an update message after a visit
  • Turning on the heating and hot water just before you arrive home
  • Whatever Home Sitting services you need we can help

Paradise Pets and Homes aim to meet all your pets and house sitting requirements whilst you’re away – so that you can relax and enjoy your break.

Our charges are extremely competitive, so why not allow us to provide an individual quote for your Home and House Sitting requirements.

Ever had to put aside the thought of having a pet, purely because you have no idea what to do with them when you go on holiday? Well, you shouldn’t!

 I’m sure many of you who have children have heard the request for a pet many times before. I know when I was young I used to drive my mum up and down the wall trying to convince her to buy us a pet. Her exact words were “What will we do with it when we go on holiday?” Mothers; do not worry; do not follow in the same footsteps as my darling mother, because the creation of Paradise Pets and Homes was based on this question. You shouldn’t have to deprive your household of a wonderful cat or dog just because you have moody neighbours who’d say ‘no’ to a favour. By putting your pet in the specialists hands of Paradise Pets and Homes, you have ensured that while you enjoy the relaxation and pleasure of being in paradise, so will your pets!

The problem of Pet Care at holiday time is solved.

We can help you enjoy your holiday more by caring for your pet in your own home or by boarding your small animal with us whilst you are on holiday.

hamster pet careIf you live in Surbiton, Tolworth or the surrounding area, then Paradise Pets and Homes would be delighted to look after your pet whilst you’re enjoying yourself on holiday.

Experienced pet owners and pet carers, Jo and Assem will ensure your pet enjoys your holiday too. We understand that you know your pet’s needs best and we’ll visit you to meet you and your pet and work out an agreed schedule – see we do understand that some pets like to be fed at the same time each day, we know some pets like to play whilst others want to be left alone, we’re happy to provide basic grooming, we’ll ensure your pet takes any medication you leave with us and we’ll make sure your pet is clean, happy and healthy so you can be sure that whilst you’re on holiday your pet is experiencing the very best care.

Our fully insured service leaves you assured that your pet is in safe hands whilst you’re on holiday.

We can help with your holiday pet care – call Jo and Assem on 0208 241 7525 today.

Berrylands Companion helps spread the word out in its June edition about the opening of Paradise Pets and Homes, with an editorial on page 4, and advert on page 5 and a special mention in the Editor’s note :

“Also with summer, the need to look after your pets whilst you go away is a big head-ache! Stress no more, as we have a new advertiser who can provide the perfect solution, Paradise Pets and Homes. Remember to tell them where you saw their advert”.

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