Walking your dog is a necessary part of dog ownership.  After all, your puppy loves to get outside and run around in addition to taking care of doggy necessities.  Not all dog owners can be at home 24/7 to look after their dog and let them outside for walks and other duties, and this is where Paradise Pets and Homes can help.  We will walk your dog for you when you are unable to and take care of other pet duties as well, when so requested.  Here is some other information concerning Pet Sitting and how it will benefit you as a pet owner.

Services we offer?    

We will come to your home and take your pet out periodically for walks. You will either be at the house during the time or give us a key so that we can let ourselves in and out in order to care for your pet when you are at work or elsewhere.  We may also handle grooming issues and medication administration for your pet if you so desire.  In addition, we also offer a crèche service where your dog, no matter how young or old, can spend the day at our boarding centre, socialising with other dogs.  

We do also provide overnight stay, should you be unable to take your dog with you whilst going away, whether it is for a short week-end break or a longer holiday.

Benefits to you and your dog

Many people use a Pet Sitting service as they work during the day and can’t be at home to let their pet out.  Also, a Pet Sitting service allows your pet to get some much needed exercise and you may not always be able to take your dog on frequent walks due to your hectic schedule.  At Paradise Pets and Homes our services are reasonably priced which gives you an affordable way to ensure that your pet is walked and able to get outside when he/she needs to. You’ll come back from a long day at work with piece of mind that your dog was well cared for during the day.

What Your Dog Will Do during Day Crèche

There is plenty for the dogs to do while at doggy day crèche.  They will interact with other dogs, (particularly important for puppies to provide them with critical social skills), lots of fun and play, nap and get some fresh air in our large outdoor recreation area.  Doggy day care also includes an hour-long walk for older dogs and a 30 minute walk for puppies. We give your dogs plenty to do and provide them with a safe environment while you are away from home for the day. We guarantee that your dog will come back content and calm!

Our timings are very flexible and we will always aim to accommodate you daily schedule. Should you be unable to drop off and pick up your dog, we provide them as additional extras.

To find out more, please give us a call on 020 8241 7525.

Today, 10th May 11,  Paradise Pets and Homes celebrates its first anniversary.

Over the past year, we have helped over 80 customers (most of them being regular customers) enjoy their time away from home knowing that their pets were well cared for.

During this first year, we have significantly improved our small animal boarding facility, to accommodate rabbits, guinea-pigs and other small animals. We provide a totally secured indoor boarding facility, as well as a dedicated area of the garden where rabbits and guinea-pigs can enjoy plenty of exercise and a lot of green grass!

The other services that we have provided over the past year, and continue to provide, includes:

Numerous services such as dog boarding, dog walking, and our doggy day crèche is getting increasingly popular with people who do not want to leave their dogs (mainly puppies) on their own during the day. With dogs, we aim to make their stay as much fun as possible, providing them with plenty of exercise and play time, as well as displaying the leadership qualities that dogs would look for in their “pack leader”.

House visits, that has proven very successful mainly with cats, who particularly enjoy the comfort of their own home.  We make sure that they are well fed, safe, and get all the attention they deserve!

House Sitting, for people who do not want to leave their property empty whilst going away (whether they have pets or not).

Security checks, for added peace of mind that someone is looking after their property.  

Over the past year we have looked after over 150 animals, including :

56 rabbits

49 guinea-pigs

23 dogs

20 cats

as well as hamsters, chickens, birds, lizards, turtles etc…  some of which feature in our Happy Guest Gallery.

At Paradise Pets and Homes we totally understand how precious pets and homes are to you, and our first year has been dedicated to provide excellent customer service and care for your animals.

We would like to thank all those who helped us make our first year a success:

  • First and foremost all our lovely customers
  • Peter and Julie Maxted from The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company who have introduced us to Pet Sitting and without whom we would still be in reward-less 9 to 5 job.
  • Dee Blick and her invaluable advices on marketing and starting up a small business.
  • Sharon Bolt for the extremely informative training
  • Mr Chemaitelli for his expertise on IT, continued support and help as and when required.

We are looking forward to an even more succesful Year 2.

Summer will be here soon and even if you booked your summer holiday a while ago, there’s still planning to do:To Do List image courtesy of Gary McInnes, RGBStock.com

  • Finding your suitcase
  • Packing your clothes
  • Looking after the house whilst you’re away
  • Arranging for the parcel you’re expecting to be picked up
  • Watering the tomato plants in the garden
  • Feeding the goldfish

Let us help you. We can visit your home and look after your pets whilst you’re away, or you can board your small animals with us and we’ll even water the plants.

Tick another item on your to do list: Call Jo on 0208 241 7525

Easter Eggs image courtesy of sanja gjenero, RGBStock.comWe’ve written before about pet care over holiday periods like Easter (lots of chocolate around!) and we’ve probably mentioned that we offer pet sitting services too.

The school holiday dates are complicated by Easter being so late this year, which means you may have less time with your children than usual. If that’s the case, have you thought about asking us to look after your pets for the day (or longer)?

Our pet sitting service includes dog walking, feeding pets in your own home and even small animal boarding at our home.

If you’re in Surrey, we’d be delighted to discuss our pet sitting services with you. Contact us for more information.

Pet Sitting is a busy time around Easter. Although it might seem that the Christmas holidays are only just over, Easter is late this year so many schools have moved half term and Easter holiday dates around.

If you’re planning a break – or even a day out – over Easter time, then book your pet sitting soon as it’s a busy time of year.

Easter image courtesy of Groningen, RGBStock.comWe can help with pet sitting services:

Tick one more item off your ‘to do’ list and book your pet sitting services today.

Pet Cat courtesy of sanja gjenero, RGBStock.comParadise  Pets and Homes are local pet sitters, based in Surrey. We know pets are important in any home and we take care to ensure your animals are looked after whether you’re away for a day or away on holiday for longer.

We’re a family run business providing pet sitting and house sitting services. We can make sure the heating is on (or off!) so you come back to a welcoming home, we’ll collect the post and any parcels, we’ll make sure your animals are well and cared for, we’ll agree exactly what you need and then we’ll provide it.

If you need small animal boarding in a friendly family home or pet sitting services, then call us today:  0208 241 7525

Adorable 13-week old guinea-pigs are looking for a new home: 6 boys and 2 girls. They have all been brought together (male and female separately!!) in a family home, and all get on well. They are used to be handled and are not shy at all.

Interested? give us a call on 0208 241 7525.

Choosing a pet sitting service in Surrey can be difficult. There are many people offering house sitting and pet sitting and how do you choose which one to use.

Five reasons to consider Paradise Pets and Homes (Surrey based local business):

Pet Sitting image courtesy of duchesssa, RGBStock.com

  1. Our customers (the people and the pets) come back to us and re-book.
  2. Our pet sitting services include small animal boarding at our own home (with a family of animal lovers) as well as care in your own home. It’s your choice.
  3. We offer a dog walking and dog sitting service too. Whether you just need us to walk your dog occasionally or an overnight stay at our family home, we’re happy to help.
  4. We’re fully insured and trained by The Pets Homes and Gardens Company.
  5. We’ll provide a no obligation quotation for pet and home sitting services.

If you have pets, then a local pet sitting service you can rely on can help make your life easier.

Call Jo to talk about how Paradise Pets and Homes could help you – 0208 241 7525

Holidays are planned in January. Whether you look forward to sunny days or wintery slopes, holiday planning is exciting and makes the dreary days worthwhile. Remember to plan your pet and house sitting too.

Paradise Pets and Homes offer a full pet and house sitting service, so you know your pets can follow their usual routines whilst you’re away.

Next time you plan your holiday, call Jo and Assem on 0208 241 7525 and plan your pet and house care too.

Home and House Sitters can make your life easier, especially at Christmas.

Christmas image courtesy of Sanja Gjenero, www.RGBStock.comChristmas is a busy time for everyone. More family members may be coming and going, more visitors to the house and more parcels and post being delivered. Work continues as usual and it feels more frantic trying to arrange everything to happen in time for the holiday.

House sitters can help. Paradise Pets and Homes are based in Surrey (Surbiton, Tolworth and surrounding areas) and we can help by taking in that urgent parcel – or even collecting it for you so it’s there when you arrive home.

If you have pets, then we can help there too. Keeping pets secure in their usual routine and allowing you extra time to visit the shops or friends or family.

Home sitting gives you peace of mind if you’re away over the Christmas holidays. From a quick visit to make sure all is well and no parcels left on your step to a daily visit to feed pets, check your property is secure and move post away from the front door.

House sitting in Surrey, by fully insured and police checked professionals can help you have a very Happy and stress-free Christmas. Call Jo and Assem today on 0208 241 7525 and let’s see how we can help you in time for Christmas.

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