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As the saying goes; when you’re happy inside, you’re happy outside. The same is true for our fur babies. The food you feed your pet can effect everything from their health to their behaviour, this is why we advise all our customers that the first step to a happy pet is nutritious food and a balanced diet.

Behavioural and health problems in dogs can more often than not be linked to their diet. If they are not fed enough, their hunger can manifest itself in aggression. If they are fed too much, they can become overweight which can lead to a multitude of other health issues. Like humans, dogs can be fussy eaters, which is why we recommend buying different flavours so that you can get a feel for what your dog does and doesn’t like but it also makes their eating experience a lot more enjoyable as it should be for us all! Poor quality and poor ingredients found in some pet food products can also have a negative impact on your dog’s physical and mental health, therefore it is always wise to be cautious when buying new pet foods. For more advice on how much you should be feeding your dog and what products are best for their lifestyle, always consult your vet.

After almost 7 years of taking care of cats and dogs, here at Paradise Pets, we have been able to observe and experience the fundamental importance of feeding our animals well. After having tried and tested almost every pet food product on the market, we have decided to become official supplier of Lily’s Kitchen. This award-winning company has a wide variety of pet food made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure your pets get a deliciously balanced and nutritious meal. After converting many of our customers to Lily’s Kitchen, the feedback has been incredible.

From dogs having shiner coats, to dogs becoming a lot calmer; which is why we have embarked on a mission to ensure that all our precious dogs are fed well, but most importantly, that they are happy!

We have recently launched our Paradise Pets and Homes App to make it simple and easy to order food from us. On our app you can find all of Lily’s Kitchen products at a fraction of the price you might find on the high street, meaning that not only does your pet get to enjoy their delicious products but you get to save some money too! If that’s not enough, we are also offering 20% off on orders from Kingston and the surrounding areas and every order comes with a free surprise gift.

To place your order, simply download our app and click on ‘Lily’s Kitchen’ for the full range of pet food or give us a call on 0208 241 7525.

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It has been a while since our last blog post, so we would just like to say that we hope you and your fur babies are all well. Today we wanted to write about Doggy Day care and all its benefits.
Here at Paradise, we run our day care service everyday from 7am – 7pm (apart from Sunday) and that includes at least one hour walk with our experienced dog walkers. It is our most favourite service for a number of reasons. Firstly, for the variety of benefits for our dogs mental and physical health. Dogs are naturally social animals, living in packs in the wild, which means they have an innate need to be part of a family unit. Doggy day care gives them the opportunity to socialise with other dogs, form lasting relationships and most importantly, be part of a pack.

Secondly, doggy day care gives them a purpose. There have been many cases, where we have welcomed a new member to our pack who has not had much experience with other dogs and therefore they are quiet shy. We have seen that being in a pack, has done wonders for such dogs. They discover their role and this gives them a sense of purpose. Not to mention the unlimited play time and mountains of fun they get!

Thirdly, being alone is no fun for anyone. As we have seen recently on documentaries such as Dogs: Their Secret Lives, many dogs do not react well to being left alone and can suffer from severe anxiety in the absence of their parents. Here at Paradise, we make sure that all our dogs get the right amount of human interaction, exercise and love so that they leave as happy as they came.

If you have a fur baby and want to know more about our doggy day crèche, or to arrange a visit, leave a message on our contact page or call us on 020 8241 7525.


Last week one of our little guest, Tyson got taken ill. At first the vet thought it might be lungworm, as he was bleeding from his nose, and extensive bleeding can be a sign of lungworm.
Lungworm is serious a condition that can be fatal to dogs.
They get it by eating snails, slugs and frogs. Lungworm larvae grow inside the dog’s body and cause all sorts of problems.
Symptoms include coughing, breathing problem, reluctance to exercise and excessive bleeding. If you notice any of those signs in your dog, it is extremely important to get them checked by the vet.
The good news is that it can be easily prevented by treating your dog regularly with a good flea treatment, such as Advocate. But do check with your vet on the best prevention for your dog.
Cases in this area are on the rise, so make sure you take the necessary precautions and be vigilant whilst walking your dog.
Thanks God, Tyson only had a small infection and made a full recovery!

Are you looking for Dog Walker in Central London? Do you have a busy daily schedule? Do you have a beautiful dog that you just can’t seem to find time to walk?

Paradise Pets and Homes have the perfect solution for you! Our dog walking services have expanded and now cover areas in Central London, such as Hyde Park (where we will be walking our lovely new furry friends).  So, if you’re in need of someone to walk your precious pets give us a call! We have plenty of experience and are trained by top dog behaviorists to give you piece of mind. We know how much your pet means to you and how important it is to find a reliable, trustworthy dog walker that will not let you down. With us you will have 100% piece of mind that your dog is in the best care!


Dog Walking



Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0208 241 7525.




The 10th of May…

An extraordinary date in our calendar. Firstly it will 24 years of marriage, and secondly (the most important) we will be celebrating the 3rd year of Paradise Pets and Homes. We have gone through many difficult times theses past 3 years, who would of thought that looking after animals would be this difficult?! But these 3 years have been ones of happiness and pride, because we have watched our little business bloom into something great, over such short period of time. We have met some amazing customers, who had turned out to be more than amazing customers, but amazing friends, who have even more amazing pets! Over these past 3 years we have looked after such a range of different animals, that we might as well be a zoo! We have boarded from dogs to degus, from rabbits to canaries; we have had some exotic animals as well, such as parrots and lizards. We have no regrets, although there may be moments were we are all stressed, it has turned out to be extremely rewarding and we are looking forward to meeting new people and their wild and wonderful pets. Overall I think that we are all thankful to have this business, and life wouldn’t be the same without it.

If you’re not comfortable with the thought of leaving your beloved dog in a kennel while you’re away on holiday, we have the perfect solution for you! Here, at Paradise Pets and Homes we provide residential dog boarding , which is a cheap yet more comforting alternative to dog kennels. As we are based in a central location we can reach areas such as Surbiton, Kingston, Raynes Park, Richmond, Worcester Park, Molesey etc

Residential Boarding at Paradise Pets means dogs live with us in our home and they get to socialise with other dogs, our service includes a minimum of 70 minutes walk a day and we do not charge any extra for that. If you want the piece of mind that your dog is as comfortable as can be and dog kennels doesn’t do it for you, then why not try us!

We are fully insured, police checked and licensed by the Kingston council.

For more information, don’t hesitate to call us on 02082417525


Our new facility for dog boarding and day creche in Kingston, Sutton, Wimbledon, Richmond, Raynes Park, Esher, Epsom, Worcester Park, Molesey

Our new facility for dog boarding and dog day creche

As you all know, Paradise is a home run business which provides residential dog boarding (i.e the dog lives with us at home) and doggie day crèche. Recently we decided to expand our facility by building a conservatory which is now strictly for doggies!

A big open space complete with sofas, beds and TV which leads on to our big garden! We are very proud of our new facility and we would like to welcome you all to visit us if you are thinking to use our services!

If you’d like any more information on our dog boarding and day crèche (which both include a minimum of 70 minutes walk) don’t hesitate to call us on: 0208 241 7525

While you sit back and soak in the sun on the beach, wouldn’t it be comforting to know you’re rabbit is having as much fun as you are?

Well Paradise Pets and Homes can provide you with exactly that, the peace of mind that you’re rabbit is in safe hands while you’re away. As we reach areas such asRaynesPark, Sutton and Molesey, you’re never too far from Paradise.

Our facilities ensure your rabbit stays clean, well fed and well exercised in your absence which means you can both… relax!

To make inquiries about our small animal boarding facilities, please contact us on 02082417525

At Paradise, we not only take care of pets but we also provide home security services. With robberies on the rise, we understand that leaving your home unattended to during your holiday is an uncomfortable thought. We decided to provide this service so that you could leave on holiday with peace of mind knowing that your home is under the watchful eye of Paradise Pets and Homes. Our service includes, one or two daily visits (to open/close the curtains or to water plants) and create the allusion that you haven’t left after all!   If you’d like more information, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions!

Call us on 02082417525

Dog boarding, Dog kennels in Kingston, Sutton, Epsom, Esher, Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Worcester park, RichmondAre you unsure what to do with your dog during your holiday? Do you feel the option of dog kennels is perhaps too harsh? Why not try Paradise Pets and Homes?

We have evolved a unique way to board dogs while their owners are away. We provide residential boarding for dogs which allows them to keep their exact daily routine (i.e. same food, same eating times, same walking times) and as we are based in our loving family home, it means someone is always home to provide TLC for your beloved dog.

We understand that many dogs may get anxious when separated from their owners, but by providing them with a similar home setting the dog is less stressed and more relaxed and so are you!  Residential dog boarding is a cheap yet more enjoyable alternative to dog kennels, if you have any inquiries do not hesitate to call us on: 02082417525

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